Thursday, June 14, 2007

22/04/07 Bethesda, Maryland – Big Fat Zero

The day started with a little of that great divider of the sexes, shopping. We didn't buy much as most stores don't go down to Lady Catherine's size. I expect they do in New York, and certainly in LA, but in Lardula Falls Mall, Virginia, they don't. Even the children's sizes are too big. Or if they are not, they are for very young children and not very sexy. Where do young children get sexy things to wear? Oh yeah, the internet.

In the evening, we had a barbeque with the addition of one of Catherine's cousins and his lady friend and learnt all about hand dancing. It's a kind of shuffling, hand-holding dance which is a kind of localised version of swing dancing in that (a) you don't move too far around and (b) it is only found in the DC area.


Unknown said...

next time you're in lardula falls, stop in at pete's larduluses. they've got the best lardulus burger this side of topeka.

Unknown said...

pete's larduluses are mountain grown. and aged to perfection.