Thursday, January 31, 2008

27 December 2008, Thursday: Dallas, Texas, US

As it says in the Bible, all good things come to an end and today it was time to get on the road and drive back to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It was a chance to squeeze in a few choice sights of the Dallas-Fort Worth area; the stadium where the famous Dallas Cowboys play their sport (which is either American Football, Baseball or Monster Truck Driving, I'm not sure what); several mega-churches with car parks the size required for a stadium; endless car showrooms; and mall after mall after mall.

In the airport, to go through the security checkout, you first have to pass through a giant wishbone. I think it's to bring luck, although it felt a little like walking under a ladder.

On the flight back, I wasn't able to sleep and the in-flight entertainment system wasn't prepared to let me watch any film all the way through. My book did very well out of the deal and one day I hope to thank Amy Tan personally.

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