Saturday, July 21, 2007

10/7/07: Marina di Pisa, etc, Italy - Squids In

Another hot, quiet day. Because only mad dogs, Englishmen and their American girlfriends go out in the midday sun, Cath and I borrowed the bikes lying around the beach flat garden and cycled along the coast to Marina di Pisa. The bikes were a little small, slightly aged and mine had a wobbly wheel. They were just like Amsterdam, in fact.

We got to see all the various beach resorts along the coast. Ours looked the most select. After a while, they stopped and there were public beaches. Most of these did not have sand but rocks. But hey, they're free. Marina di Pisa was rather quiet at this time of day. The supermarket (a Co-op) was open, as foretold, and we chained up our bikes with tiny locks that would have got laughed at in Amsterdam, but were probably superfluous in this quiet seaside town.

In the supermarket we stocked up on a few things to take back including orzo (hot barley drink). We also looked at the sheep's cheese as there are some great ones in Italy. We tried to find Limoncello that was free of "natural flavours" but to no avail. We did, however, see huge whole, frozen squids in the freezer department, but decided it was impractical to bring them back. Plus, they would defrost en route and run amuck like on that film, "Motherf***ing Squids on a Plane." (Or was it called "From Here to Calamari"?)

In the evening we were back at the family house and drove out to an awesome pizza restaurant with about 30,000 pizza choices on the menu, all of them great. At the meal were myself, my girlfriend, my brother, his girlfriend, their son, my brother's girlfriend's sister, my brother's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend and my brother's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's cousin. Got that?

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