Saturday, July 05, 2008

Friday 6 June: Dallas – Downtown

For some reason it was my turn to have trouble getting up. Catherine is usually the one who needs the sleep. I just need coffee. Now we were out of Seattle, something told me I would have to temper my need for the brew as it just ain't so good in Texas. Just because things are bigger there, it don't mean they are always better. Texans may disagree.

First venture out was to visit Cath's aunt and uncle who live not too far away. They've been under the weather lately and it's always fun to visit then. They have a lot of fire. Plus there are old photos all around, not only of Catherine as a cute little girl, but also from time before the world is as it is now.

There is a lot of support here for Obama, which is really very encouraging. But the support is tempered (my new word) with a feeling many people have that he is going to get assassinated. People remember Malcolm X and Martin Luther King; and hints from Hilary Clinton about the Kennedys have certainly fuelled it. I hope of course this is just pessimism, as things seem to have much improved since those days - assassination-wise at least. However, the US is a country with a lot of guns and a lot of nutcases. Not to mention large, well-armed, well-organised, politically interested groups with some form in this area, such as the Mafia, the Oil Business and the CIA.

We had dinner in Pappadeaux the Sea-food chain (as opposed to the Sea food-chain) allegedly started by a Mr Pappadopolopodous who wanted to sound more Louisianan. They do great Cajun stuff such as gumbas and etoufees and the place is consequently very popular with the locals.

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