Friday, September 18, 2020

Mo Moseff omd Isolosion: dojs 13 omd 14

 With the UK now conceding another lockdown seems inevitable, we end our period self-isolation. I can admit after the rules changed and we would have been able to go out if we’d been away for longer, we stopped taking it that seriously. We weren’t bad, but it’s hard to adhere to rules that are not fully logical. We might have bent them. “Hypothetically,” our lawyers have asked us to add.

I’ve been jokingly let the title deteriorate as a kind of joke about a deteriorating state of mind. And like a lot of jokes there is something serious behind it. Mental health is a big issue that has been being marginalised during the measures against the current pandemic. That’s on top of the marginalisation it was already receiving, particularly in the UK, whose approach to mental health has its roots in the “just buck your ideas up” approach.

I have it pretty easy being locked in. In fact it’s almost my ideal state. But, even I miss meeting people. I know there are people really suffering out there. It’s harder to get the help you need in these times and more people are needing it than before. Support networks are less reachable or not available. Be aware. Be mindful and look out for people who you know are or think might be suffering. If you are suffering, be aware there are people who want to help.

What have I become?

I know some of you have been coping by getting answers and a sense of control by really delving into the “truths behind the reality” or conspiracy theories. Which is a fine but you don’t need to tell everyone about it. Otherwise, you’ll have some serious reputation management to do when this is all over. The thing to have in mind is that when people say you have to “wake up” it means they want you to dream the same dream as them.

My simple advice: Don’t only get your news from twitter. Don’t read YouTube comments. Realise that there is a corner of the internet that will agree with you no matter how far-fetched an idea it is. Remember there are 8 billion of us. Every far-fetched idea has several people know also believe it. And at least one of them knows how to make a website.

Having said that, I have a 5G phone being delivered this Monday, and it is clearly going to inject an upgraded covid-20 directly into my brain so that Bill Gates and Mos Def can kill me remotely from their organ harvesting factory in Jerusalem.

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