Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Some time ago, the Dutch National Institute for Health (het nationaal gezondheidsinstituut) put up a website, www.drinktest.nl, where you can put in your intake of alcohol and it tells you if it is too much or not. The shock findings in today's paper [Metro 22/11/05] is that 3/4 of the visitors drink too much. Well, that isn't shock findings at all. This is not 3/4 of people in general, but 3/4 of people who visited the site. Now given that you are not going to visit a site that tells you if you drink too much unless you suspect you drink too much, the findings are not unusual at all. In fact it's the 1/4 who went there but did not drink too much who I am interested in. People who had TWO Bacardi Breezers the night before and are now concerned they are now binge drinkers. No, they're not. They're bilge drinkers.

Next they'll be reporting that 9 out of 10 people who attend weight watchers meetings are overweight; 95% of people with accounts on startrek.com are trekkies; and that people who frequent pet shops tend to have animals at home.

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