Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Domino Effect

The latest hot news story here (after gangland killings and a new style of keep fit) is the preparation for Domino Day. Forget the forthcoming year-long celebration of Rembrandt, the exciting coming event is without doubt the attempt on the dominos world record. It's very tense in Friesland where the team is delicately setting up 4,155,476 dominos as premature flaughteration would cause great delays and even a failure to beat this entirely pointless record. Already, to protect the effort, a small bird has been shot. They take their dominos seriously in Friesland. Despite this warning, two students risked their life last Friday [18/11/05], to bring a pizza box full of mice into the Expo Centre hoping to set them free to cause havoc. They two were caught and arrested by the police.

It is not sure if police are holding them under any anti-terrorist laws, but it is alarming that students are able to construct such a weapon of mass dominal destruction made out of things every student has in their home. The dominos are safe, but this is indeed a bad day for freedom, democracy and the Friesian way of life. It is thought the students were under the influence of al Caholda.

Actually, looking into the background I see that the students were more likely under the influence of the fact that a Dutch website was offering money for people who thwart the attempt further to avenge the bird. And it wasn’t the Friesians who are so crazy about dominos but TV company Endemol who brought us other such other pointless events as Big Brother and Big Brother 2.

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