Wednesday, October 27, 2004

9/10/04, San Diego

When in LA, do as the LA-LAs do. Because she wanted to do it, my hostess convinced me I wanted to do a Sitcom Audition Workshop. It was very informative on how to approach getting cast in a Sitcom. A lot of time was spent on the most likely role we’d be offered - that of the one-liner. Typical one-liner dialogue lines are: “Can I get you guys drinks?”, “Please step out of the car,” and “Duck, Magnum, duck!”
The most surprising thing was the sheer number of TV shows that get taken up each year by the US networks to make pilots for. Most do not make it to be a series. Many are never even seen. But reading the tag lines, you can see that even the lamest idea can get you a pilot. But obviously tag-lines tell you nothing. Things like “3 friends who all share a boat,” “The X-Files but set in the Inland Revenue Service,” and “schoolgirl by day, detective by night” (this is now a series, and yes her schoolwork does suffer through lack of sleep).

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