Monday, October 25, 2004

7/10/04, Dave and Busters

What is Dave and Busters? For those of you who do not know, and I didn't, it is a restaraunt-come-amusement arcade. A huge video arcade with a bar and American restaraunt. The latter being something that has things on the menu in the style of the Easy Rock Café or Planet Tinseltown. Big portions and waiters just that bit too eager to please. I assume it's a chain, as everything is in the US.

But it's gimmick - you always need a gimmick - is the video games. Old classics and new ones networked together so you can Kayak race against your friends, or be blown out of the water by some kid young enough to have been your fault. Some games give prizes points, and these are redeemable against a selection of tacky gifts. I went for the shot glasses as being the least stupid in my prize range.

Ah. It's not every day I let the little kid in me out for a run. Oh, actually, it is.

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