Saturday, October 23, 2004

6/10/04, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

This is actually the first long holiday I've had in a year. The last was over a year ago: one month in Edinburgh, which was a kind of a working holiday. The lack of a journal written at the time shows just how little relaxing there was. In fact the whole month seemed to be spent handing out flyers to people who did not want them. Enough people came to see us for it not to feel like a waste of time and money, although it probably was looked at logically. But then most things do.
Even this holiday is not free from work. The girl I am staying with and I are working on a film. But this won't consume all my time. No, it's a holiday first and formost. A chance to visit the region of the US that produces films, wine and movie-star governers.

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