Sunday, April 29, 2007

12/4/07 Schiphol, The Netherlands – Straight Outta Schiphol

Flying these days is either stupidly cheap (€1 flights and so forth) or not nearly so cheap as expected. There never seems to be tickets as cheap as you were hoping. It is also no longer fun now that security has been lengthened and pettified in an attempt to increase the appearance of it. Or to increase the sales of duty free and vending machine drinks. I'm not sure which.

After a few days of tending cats concerned that their owner had gone away and aware, somehow, that I was going too, it was a relief. Cats don't know how to ask for attention. When they want it, they just go right ahead and demand it. Or grab it. It's very, very irritating to not be able to walk anywhere without a cat lodged against one of your shins. Even the haughty, semi-independent cat had been coming to me and demanding validation. She, however, was too smart to stand up against the legs of a man trying to walk.

Eventually, I snuck out silently wishing the cat-sitter luck when she calls in on them. Anyone who said cats were capable and independent was thinking of leopards.

Whilst waiting to board, a plane slipped by declaring "nwa." Wow, I thought. It's great when a band that isn't bland makes it big enough to have their own airline. However, subsequent investigation showed that nwa actually stands for Northwest Airline. Pity. I really, really wanted it to stand for Niggaz With Altitude.


Over the years, I've been given al sorts of excuses for delayed flights, but today's beats most of them. Apparently it was too hot on board to get on the plane and extra air-conditioning had to be brought in to cool it down. It's a goodie, and right up there with, but not quite as good (or disturbing) as the recent pissed-off announcement by the captain that the flight was delayed because the airport authorities had made them sleep the minimum amount of time required by international air-flight law.

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