Monday, May 15, 2006

8-11/5/06 Brussels

Am in Brussels for three days. Belgium, with its bad roads and hidden, confusing and contradictory road signs. Where it's no surprise to see pedestrian lights simultaneously on red and green. Where I am certain congestion is 18% higher than it should be due to tourists and out-of-towners having to go all over the place to get back to where they were before they took the wrong turning thanks to a poorly placed road-sign.

The Belgians (in this part of the country) drive like the French, with that barely-concealed death-wish, which combined with road markings that can sometimes even direct traffic head-to-head makes for exciting driving.

If the French Belgians drive with a death-wish, they eat with an appreciation of life that makes the Dutch and English eating style seem like a death-wish. On the first night, we directed ourselves to a Tunisian restaurant and pigged out on Couscous which we topped with apple flavoured smoke. I'm still digesting it.

Top International TV moment: MacGyver dubbed into French.

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