Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Musical circles

What I like about the music scene right now, is that half the bands sound like The Clash. I miss The Clash, and it's time they and other early-eighties punk and indie sounds were reinvented/repackaged. That time is now. And I'm enjoying it. Looks like the Buzzcocks were spot on when they sang at the time that "It's all nostalgia for an age yet to come."

Every style and band from that era seems to have it's own tribute band. Some, like The Clash, have several.

Even Led Zepplin have their own Zepteens band, The Music. How sweet.

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Peter More said...

Ah. The White Stripes do not Sound like The Clash. More like... Hmmm. Will come back.

What bands should be called, Number 64:

Razerlight... The Overtones.