Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm Belgian - It's official

Last Friday, whilst attempting to communicate in my drunken Dutch in a crouded, noisy bar, I was accused of being Belgian. This is the third time this has happened. It is now irrefutable. I am officially Belgian.

If I was Dutch it would be an insult. Like being accused of being Welsh when you English, or Australian when you're a Kiwi. But to accuse me of coming from a Dutch(ish)-speaking country when trying to communicate in that language is a compliment . I would take Surinamese, Antillian and South African also as compliments. German in this context would merely get a scowl. And if I were accused of being Japanese, I would have to pull the oddest of faces.

Anyway, enough Belgian waffling, must go watch TV. it is currently trying to break the record it has already set for saying 'tsunami' as many times in one minute. And there hasn't even been reports of one yet. Oh when did the news become so fickle and buzz-wordy?

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