Wednesday, January 02, 2019

#NewYearHumbleBrag 2018-2019

In 2018, 
  • I moved back to my original country after many years away (it's now a country wrestling with itself as to the best way to shoot itself in the foot, but hey); 
  • I had several haircuts forced on me; 
  • I left an improv world where I was a big fish and one of not so many teachers – one that I had seen grow and flourish; 
  • I found myself in a new improv world, one which was far from being a pond and is vibrant and exciting and teeming with life (Hi, I'm available for teaching, coaching, company trainings and children's parties!); 
  • I failed to update my website despite numerous attempts; 
  • I co-devised a show which draws from my love of Scandinavian detective shows and seems to go down very well; 
  • I helped an aimless, human-like blob become the smiliest, people-loving tiny Frankenstein's laugh monster who ever wobbled about this Earth; 
  • I got a tattoo of two men carrying a fridge.
I hope 2019 has fewer surprises but as much fun. I hope my country decides nothing is solved by shooting yourself in the foot unless your foot is possessed by demons, and even then – do an exorcism! And I plan to stop lying about having tattoos.

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