Friday, September 06, 2013

The Fox

Sometimes a song comes along that makes you question everything that you thought you knew. Sometimes within the realm of the simple exudes the complex. Occasionally the very fabric of existence is challenged to its core. This song does all that. And more.

Even beyond the central haunting question that is directly asked of us, there are many further puzzles raised. Do ducks really discuss elementary particles? Are fish responsible for the text on the back of books? If a fox is alone in the forest with nobody to hear him, why shouldn't he scat?

Beginning with detailing the core scientific facts of how we know animals to communicate within their own species the thesis moves on to examine how different species can communicate with each other. Coming to the alarming conclusion that animals may have adopted many of the forms of communication that we have discarded in our new technological age. And if Morse, why not semaphore? And why not, indeed, Telex?

Most chilling is the revelation that follows the simple logic of the first line to its logical conclusion. If "Dog goes woof" as the song states, and there is no reason to doubt, then surely God, as the clear reverse of the literal transcribed "dog" and the being to whom our thoughts must naturally turn in any discussion of his work, must go "Foow." "Foow" must be the true word of God. People, if you think on one thing today. Think how our furry, feathered, scaled and single-celled friends communicate. What are they trying to tell us? Will we ever truly understand them?

May the Foow be with you.


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lahosken said...

"And if Morse, why not semaphore?"

Because it couldn't hold the flags in its darling little paws.