Monday, August 20, 2012

My new book published

Since my pimply youth, I've been writing. Long things, short things. True things, made-up things. Things with rhyme and things with reason. Lots of things, basically. So given that it's never been so easy to foist these things on a poor, unsuspecting public, I decided to take some choice pieces and bundle them up. The result is my first collection of short stories, entitled "Most Enigmatic Title and Other Stories." It's out now in Kindle format in a matter of hours, and other formats will follow soon. Exciting, huh?

And what's more, because you guys are awesome, for the three days (21-23 of August) it'll be absolutely free. So, please, go ahead and download it to your kindle or kindle-emulating app. Then, give it a five-star, glowing review. And then, if you have time, you can read it. Okay, you can juggle with the order there; I understand. And also the number of stars. But I'm basically hoping for some good positive reviews to help spread the word.

 Also, if you have facebook or a facebook-emulating app, you can like the book's page and share it with what I like to call your friends.

 Enough from me, here's the link to it on a couple of the Amazons.


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