Monday, October 11, 2010


So I was in a rehearsal room the other day and I saw a little box. "A present?" I thought. I went over and looked at it. It was already opened at one end. On it was some Dutch. The first word was "giftig." You can't get a more present-like word. The second word was "lokaas" which must be related to lokaal, which means room or place. So this little box was a "gifty room." Before I opened up the box and handled (and possibly even devoured) my present, I bothered to read the English that was also on the box. It said, "poisoned bait." It wasn't a nice gift for me, it was a deadly surprise for mice. It's like Dutch is out there just to trap and poison foreigners.


Citizen_Stu said...

It is. Didn't you realize?

Unknown said...

Great post, love it! haha Anyway, today I had a big luck and want to share it with everyone - I finally found a way to make cheap calls to my cousin Becky in Australia:

If you're in the UK like me, you can call cheaply to Australia and all over the world! :)