Friday, January 27, 2006

Lost post from 21/7/05

Security at airports has always been a high priority in the UK, quite important in Europe and is now even done in the US. It is done best on Israeli El Al flights. This is because El Al is Arabic for "Bomb me!"

But things are getting more like that. Hand luggage going to the UK from Europe gets X-rayed twice, customs officers have pistols and the police patrol with guns that could take out a tank. The door marked El Al is guarded by soldiers.

The easyJet check-in area is the last line of check-in desks at the far end of the last of the departures halls. If their status were any lower there, the check-in would be a broom closet in the basement marked, "Do Not Enter."

Today more bombs went off in London. That is to say some detonators went off but it looks like someone forgot the bombs. Somewhere Al-Arry is poking Mo(hammed) and saying "Why you numbskull!"

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