Saturday, January 08, 2005

Liver Aid

Having said what I said about Charity records, I should say I don't count Charity Concerts in the same bucket. (If that's the phrase.) These are not the pile of eviless charity records are. Admittedly, they are always littered with the latest teen sensations, over-rated TV hosts and other unworthies, but they are hupefully not all gathered in one place and singing something so lame that if it were a horse, they'd have to shoot it. Mind you for some latest teen sensations and all over-rated TV hosts this is not an unusual state of affairs. Their songs being typically lame. But charity songs plum depths of lameness that do not normally make it through the (admittedly low) quality threshold of the guardians of pop music. < /spleen>

The point I was trying to get to was that on Thursday I went to the impromptu charity concert constructed in Amsterdam's Dam Square. The concert featured such Dutch luminaries and Bløf and DJ Tiesto and was not surprisingly very well attended. It was free, but many people went round with the modern equivalent of the bucket, the clipboard and pile of bank transfer forms. No one can object to this. All the money you spent on beer from the alcohol stands went straight to the charities, which is a great idea. I must confess I woke up with a hangover, but my conscience was clear.

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